Divorce Warrior

If You're Having A Tough Time Moving Forward After Your Divorce, I Can Help....

This on-line course is designed to help individuals going through a soul-crushing divorce
move forward, feel confident and be happy!

The modules cover the critical areas you need to focus on to get massive results quickly so you can let go of pain, anger and rejection and gain strength, confidence, and a fearless warrior spirit.

Think about it, an immediate plan of action that takes all the guesswork out of what to do, and how to do it.

The biggest bonus, however, is that this course leaves you with a resilience strategy that you can apply
over and over for the rest of your life! 

 It's Time to Make Yourself a Priority

How do I know? I've been through several soul-crushing life challenges that had left me angry, bitter and upset.  I couldn't stand the place I was in, and I finally said no more!  It was decision time, was I going to wallow in the pity pool or was I going to get the best revenge I could - Be happy despite the poor decisions of others.  I set out on a journey to heal my soul and take back my power.  The things I discovered and the action I took worked!  Not only did they work, but when another soul-crushing life experience happened, I went back reemployed what I had done, and it worked again! And this is how I became obsessed with helping others who were going through a soul-crushing life experience.  

I've spent nearly 2 years developing, testing and optimizing the most complete, proven & easy to use system for moving forward after a soul-crushing life experience.  The result is 7 core modules and accountability accelerator worksheets that hold your hand through every step needed to achieve a life you love.  

Moving forward is such a realistic tipping point, and the strategies in this course WILL help you get there. But more importantly, there is something undeniably magical about when you wake up in the morning, and you actually feel happy. Because once you get there, doors open up magically, and you have endless possibilities for your future. 

I'll show you how to:

Increase Your Self-Confidence

I'll show you how to overcome your fears and anxiety, diminish your insecurities and regain control of your self-confidence.

Control Your Negative Thoughts

I'll teach you how to stop that endless loop of negative thoughts dead in it's tracks.  We'll discern the lies and truths you may be telling yourself. You'll also be surprised when I tell you what controls that negative loop in your head. 

Let Go Of Hurt, Blame & Guilt

Because really..who needs this sh*t storm sundae in addition to what you are going through? I'll help you recognize the coping mechanisms that may be holding you back and the secret you need to know to move past these feelings.  

Navigate & Release Your Anger

No, I'm NOT going to tell you to forgive and forget! I'll show you the switch you need to make to release your anger.

Create A Resilient Inner Warrior FOR LIFE

I'll show you my proven method for applying what you learned to ANY obstacle you may face in life!

Move Forward, Feel Confident and Be Happy

Seriously...Isn't this the best revenge! I'll show you exactly how to do this!

What You Can Expect:

A Full Immersive Experience and Unlimited (Lifetime) Access To The Materials.

Flexible Grab & Go Design  

I know your life is busy, and your schedule is hectic, so I’ve designed this program so that it is available when you are. The seven impactful modules are delivered in both a video and audio format so that you can download and listen to them when the time is right for you. You can live-stream, listen to them in your car, listen to them on your mobile or tablet device. Easy, convenient, and flexible. 

Community of Support

And to make sure you really do feel supported and guided every step of the way you'll get access to a supportive community. 

While the core curriculum DOES take you by the hand and lead you every step of the way, there is something undeniably special about engaging with others who have chosen the same path.  

Your daily dip into this facebook group will soon be some of the most inspiring moments of your day as you:

  • Tap into a thriving community for new ideas, insights and inspiration.
  • Ask questions and quickly troubleshoot any little (or big) challenges standing in your way.  
  • This is a private community of individuals moving forward after a divorce.  The community is one where individuals support each other, connect, ask questions, get feedback and offer up their own insights and encouragement in a trusted group setting.  I'll be on hand to offer support as well.  



Divorce Warrior: 1 Upfront Payment

The Complete Divorce Warrior Resilience Training Program

• Flexible Grab & Go Design

• All Trainings Are Available Now

• 7 Training Videos

• 7 Audio Downloads

• 7 Accountability Worksheets & Checklists (Designed To Accelerate Your Progress At Each Step)

• A Members Only Private Facebook Page

• Bonus Audio & Video Meditation Guide

• Bonus Gratitude Starter Guide

$68.99 USD